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Mac Games, PC Games

Games for Mac OS X and Windows! Download a FREE demo of one of our great games:

Try Mahjong Forests, The Great International Word Search!,
Sunken Words, or Akkadia for free!

Return to Grisly Manor

Return to Grisly Manor Save the Manor!

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The Hidden World

The Hidden World Explore a secret, magical land in this beautiful new mobile game!

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The Lost City

The Lost City Can you restore harmony to the land in this stunning new mobile game?

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The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery in this gorgeous new mobile game?

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Stunt Squirrels!

Stunt Squirrels! Blast these death-defying daredevils safely to the goal in this fun new physics puzzler from Fire Maple Games!

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Danger Cats!

Danger Cats! Get these mischievous cats safely back down to solid ground in this hiss-terical new iPhone game!

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Mahjong Forests

Mahjong Forests Discover the most beautiful version of Mahjong ever created in this classic Shanghai adventure game!

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The Great International Word Search!

The Great International Word Search!

Chase Claudia LeDuc - international jet-setter, style icon, and jewel thief - in this beautiful word search game!

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Akkadia Travel to glittering distant Akkadia, the land of opulent temples and exotic spices in this classic word-building game!

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Sunken Words

Sunken Words Voyage far into the magical, silent depths of the sea in this elegant word-jumble puzzle game!

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